This birthday week left me reflecting on how important, special, and rare great friendship is... friendship where there are no hidden agendas, or expectations, based purely on giving the advantage. 

On our way to Minami in Yaletown

On our way to Minami in Yaletown

My mom and step dad, Larry, came to town to visit for my birthday and IT WAS AMAZING! I'm often able to visit them in Phoenix but the days I'm in town usually consist of work, for all of us, and a few small, hour or two, visits where we attempt to cram everything in. The reality is that we are still secretly (or not so secretly) working from our iPhones... ha! BUT...when mom comes to Vancouver it's just so wonderful because we get to be together, she gets to be a part of my world, see my space, and meet my FRIENDS! We still have to fight the iPhones...:) The week was literally magical, I felt like a princess for reals! We went to my favorite restaurants, we went shopping,

Mom and I at Nordstroms :) 

Mom and I at Nordstroms :) the spa at Hotel Georgia

Pedi Time with Champs and Adele.... :) 

Pedi Time with Champs and Adele.... :) 

and celebrated my birthday at The Four Seasons Vancouver with some of my closest buds (pics coming soon!). 

I know how busy life gets and I know how I feel some nights when I'm invited out on a rainy night (yes it rained on my birthday lol ;)...I usually want to snuggle in my PJ's and watch a movie with a bowl of popcorn, and wine by my side. hehe...I resist but it's hard. lol Anyway, close to twenty of my great friends came out to celebrate with us and over 400 beautiful people from around the globe took time to personally message me 'Happy Birthday.'  

It was magical, and for a gal who's primary love language is words of affirmation, I definitely felt loved! ;) 

We all need faithful friends; the ones that love, nurture, and build us up....the ones that listen when we need them and ignore us when we complain. This friend may come in the form of a family member or not, it could be someone you see almost everyday or only once a year.

I've found these relationships create stability in my life, bring strength, and as a result...immense joy!  

Until next time....stay inspired! 






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