It's been a while...


Wow, time flies when you're having fun-- when your head is deep in the trenches grinding away. Lol. So much has happened in the last year...we've launched dance network, a boutique brand management agency w/ a model/influencer management department, and a dance theatre company, Rockridge Dance Theatre (which had its premiere at the Joyce Theatre in NYC this past January). We've expanded our team to about 15 peeps, which sounds exciting (and is) but we shouldn't forget the amount of development and heart and patience and love goes in to each and every one!!! 💕💕 we've produced 10+ events! Oh....and J has now filmed (2) seasons of TRAVELERS on NETFLIX (worldwide except in Canada--should be coming soon). The bottom line is.....let's just be honest, prepare yourself for quite a few throwbacks! 😜

With so many exciting things on the go, these past months have really been about focus -- what is the number one priority and what is THE MOST important thing that I need to be focused on throughout each day--sounds easy butttttt....let's be real I'm an artist which means <[>]>{>>]>]>>{>]>[€\|_>[>>> 

I'm looking forward to relaunching this adventure w/ bits and pieces of my journey + engaging interviews w/ artists I admire-- without limitation to age, genre, medium I want to know who YOU would like to know more about! 

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