Thank God For a (GOOD) Quote

When I'm feeling a little low, or when I don't understand why a particular thing (or things) are going the way they are... it brings up this fire-y passion + desire in me to understand deeper; I can't help but reflect, ask questions like 'why?' 'how?' 'when?' and try to put the pieces together to make sense of it all...and most importantly to make sure I am in a state of gratitude at all times.

sooooo... one of the ways I do this is good ol' @pinterest. ha! I click over and dive in to what is, without a doubt, a most addicting search -- scrolling my way through the ironically 'perfect' collection of quotes that seem to meet my current curiousity or mood. I can't say that I ALWAYS 'see the light' or have immense clarity but I do seem to consistently find a glimmer of hope knowing that "I'm not the only one" lol. The past week, like they all do, had it's ups and downs but here were a few of my favorite quotes that I happened to bump in to and lift my spirit in just the right way. ;) Enjoy! And please share yours by commenting below :) :)