A Creative Revolution


Often  the public is quick to discourage  an emerging artist’s career aspirations . It’s almost a cliche that all adults feel it their responsibility to discourage a pining young artist from hopes to spend a life creating and making change. Yes, life is complicated  by the necessities of money. Yes, as aspiring artists, we should live within our means and aim toward security in adulthood. But what happened to,’you can do anything?’ Our parents/peers fears are no excuse to spew doubt onto the hopeful. Yet, it is almost a daily occurence and can be the seed of doubt for those who listen. In spite of remarks about “the starving artist lifestyle” and admonitions to “marry rich” many of us continue to remain optimistic in the light of these allegations - we’ve got thick skin, or thick heads, what can we say? So I come to you today in the hope that I can aid those of you battling the frequent doubt. I want to plant a seed of hope and optimism and become an ally in your fight to make the Arts something aspiring again.

There is no saying how quickly it will happen or how many jobs it will truly take, but machines have begun to displace jobs formerly operated by humans and will continue to do so, nothing is a secure career! As the forerunners of the digital age we are no stranger to the prevalence of technology in our lives. We watched as our older brother’s and sisters got their first smart phones, then Chili’s announced it’s table order tablets, and now not only have we experienced the revolution of Uber but we are further explore the unknown territory of self driving cars. Whether we like to admit it or not technology has created convenience in such a way that we are extremely dependent upon it. So dependent that in many facets of life it has completely eradicated the need for us.

Yet we must not forget that it was creativity that created technology. Moreover it was creativity that created all aspects of your life, because creativity and innovation drive one another. Imagine a world that lacked the creative genius of Steve Jobs, Kendrick Lamar, J.K Rowling, and Lin Manuel Miranda of Hamilton? Can’t? Neither can I.

One of the things that make us so beautifully human is our creativity. And no amount of genius will ever be able to give that to a machine. In a world where automated careers are becoming a reality due to technology, will technology increase the demand for creative thinking in the workplace? According to a new report from the World Economic Forum, it is clear that creativity at work is going to be one of the most important and in-demand skills in the next 5 years -good thing we’ve spent the majority of our life cultivating this very skill! As creatives we have honed our ability to observe and to use all of their senses, which for many can get dull over time.

The world needs our creativity it is a fact. So as artists I ask that we proudly advocate for the skills we have been gifted with. Only we ourselves can advocate for the worth of our services and products. Let’s be proud of our gifts and always know our worth.