'Moving Henry' LA World Premiere recap + Pre-reg for WinterMix 2018


Over 60 dancers from all over the nation formed an impressive line that wound around the outside of  The Dance Loft Studio on a warm December Morning in Phoenix. Anticipation filled the air as the talented young people chattered amongst themselves as they waited for this years main event, IDTV's Winter Mix 2017. In a matter of time the doors flew open and the dancers flooded in reserving their spot on a one of a kind experience of dance and film (more info and to pre-reg for WinterMix 2018 available here).

In the following days these dancers would be challenged physically and artistically during a series of classes and rehearsals under the direction of Sarah and J Brinson. Through an immersive and explorative three day process these


kids came together and used the craft they have been so carefully cultivating for many years to tell a story- Henry’s story. The story of Henry is a unique exploration of the event that took place on October 1st, 2017 in Las Vegas.

Henry, a young boy, is framed by the screen as he watches flickering images of violence and terror that projects onto his television screen, as so many young kids do today. Naturally, Henry becomes quickly becomes overwhelmed with the images. His emotions growing beyond a child’s capacity as “The deafening white noise from the television pulls him away from reality and he goes into a deep trance, where he emerges in a parallel universe... he tries to escape the chaos, but instead he is forced to confront his own emotions, in attempt to grasp the gravity of the disorder.” (GB Group Creative)

The final product is a breathtaking, insightful and challenging work of art that gives the dancers and their peers a voice; a voice that deserves to be heard; a voice many are desperately trying to silence. The video is an emotionally charged depiction of what it is like to be young and forcefully desensitized to violence in the world around them.

Kids everywhere have begun to step up and share their stories and IDTV hopes that the story of Moving Henry will inspire you to join in the movement as well.  

The feature film premiered on May 5th at 3 pm at the Wilshire Screening Studio in Los Angeles, Ca and released worldwide May 8th. Enjoy!

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