Change is in the Air: the New Face of IDTV

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by Noel Knostman

There are a few things we live by here at IDTV:

  1. The only thing that is permanent is change.

  2. Art has the power to heal & create the change we want to see.

  3. The power of positivity is enormous and the simple truth is that greatness is nurtured through positivity.

It is with these principles in mind that we want to present to each and everyone of you the the new face of IDTV. A multi-media platform where your identity is encouraged and celebrated. A place where you can go on those days when you can’t quite figure out which way is up or can’t decide which path is right or even just need a little pick me up. In order to do this, IDTV has dedicated themselves to bringing you a larger variety of inspiring and motivating content that we hope will act like a daily dose of coffee for your soul and spirit. It is our mission to remind you of the greatness that is already within in you itching to be shared with the world.

Read on to learn more about the changes we are making to our platform in order to help you.

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What live events can we attend in the future?

In terms of live events, our primary focus will be WinterMix and Summermix. These events will be led still by the wonderful Noel Knostman who works with our team to develop and coordinate everything that makes our live events possible. In addition, we will also have a new Instagram specifically for live events so stay tuned for more information about what we have been working on for you and be sure to follow us on @idtvworldlive.

What is going to be different about IDTV? What changes for me as a viewer and audience?

As you all know, IDTV has been producing amazing content for the dance community over the last few years (previously known as Inspire Dance TV). Our Mission: To inspire + create change through art. To start conversations. To better the dancers and better the world. The goal was to always inspire, motivate, engage and excite youth to develop and grow to their best potential. We believe that we can cater to people from all walks of life and after a great deal of development meetings, we have decided to open up IDTV to a larger audience.

We want to inspire people from all creative mediums to share their stories, journeys and ideas to excite and motivate you; people like artists, photographers, writers, chefs, etc..! We know this is a big change for a lot of you, but our mission statement has always been focused on helping arts and self-development through digital media production.

Who will be making this happen?

The IDTV team consists of four amazing and talented women:

Annika Nyberg, born and raised in Singapore, she now calls Vancouver, BC home. Nyberg is an Associate Producer for GB Group Creative. A proud graduate of the University of British Columbia. She manages and facilitates all projects with all team members for IDTV and helps us create and manage amazing content for our network. Her ability to organize, empower and help our team is an absolutely invaluable asset to IDTV and she is extremely excited to see how our network grows over the next couple of months. In addition, she is helping bring "Lola the Ladybug" by Sarah Brinson on tour; she wants to see the change and believes that the message of Lola the Ladybug will empower young children to read, learn and embrace their individuality.

Noel Knostman works at IDTV as our Lead Project Development Associate. She is the mastermind behind IDTV live events such as WinterMix and SummerMix! Her dream has always been to create more thoughtful and caring human beings through the different mediums of artistic storytelling. She spent the past three and a half years refining both her art, and herself, as an emerging creative in The Conservatory of the Performing Arts at Point Park University; simultaneously earning a minor in business at the Rowland School of Business. With her education propelling her forward, she is over the moon that she now works for her mentors at IDTV. She believes that IDTV is writing an incredible story of their own, one that will change the world. She also believes that with the help of one another it will be one for the history books.

Olivia Di Liberto is our talented Junior Designer at IDTV. She is responsible for the beautiful images and graphics that you see on IDTV; from Instagram to Facebook and everything in between . She is first and foremost an illustrator and graphic designer traveling, working and living out of her camper van. Her primary work is focused on illustration, hand lettering and tactile design using vibrant colour palettes and intricate line work. Her work is influenced by the 1960s counterculture. She is inspired by her travels, love for music and nature!

Rithu Jagannath is our Chief of Content for IDTV, so her primary focus is to put out content that will engage you all! She is helping spearhead the new direction in which IDTV is headed, catering to all different art scenes and communities. Her background in Anthropology and Creative Writing coupled with her numerous experiences working in people centric roles have made her more than excited to take on this amazing position at IDTV. She hopes her efforts as Chief of Content helps further propel IDTV into the amazing network it should be!

What is some of the new content that we will be seeing?


Matt Peterson's “Celebrity Food Tour” IDTV is proud to present Matt Peterson's "Celebrity Food Tour" as our first show on the newly branded network. Join Matt as he explore the best places to eat and learn more about food, pop culture and celebrities wrapped in a neat, fun little package! Matt will be taking over @idtvworld on Friday, September 21, 2018 to share a behind the scenes look into a typical day in his life and get an inside look into what kind of content you will see from him over the next couple of months.

“Water Me Fashion Show”Water Me is a LGBTQ+ fashion art show that focuses on uplifting and inspiring young queer designers to share their ideas in a safe and welcoming community. IDTV will be providing exclusive coverage of the first official event in Vancouver, BC. You will get the opportunity to see their amazing works of art through IDTV IG takeovers as well as get exclusive coverage on the day of the event. Stay tuned for some innovative fashion and incredible stories from these young artists in October 2018!


Here at IDTV we are dedicated to your artistic success and growth and we ask that you help us continue to bring you the most cutting edge, personalized and inspiring art’s education possible sharing your thoughts. We would like to know what kind of content you would like to see from us, what inspires you, what excites you, or what would you like to learn more about? What are some of your favorite shows on IGTV or YouTube right now; we'd love to know! Please reach out to us and let us know what you would like to see, what you are interested in or simply what you think?

If you are a content creator, we would love to hear your ideas and feature you on IDTV. Feel free to find us on Instagram and send us a DM if you have an idea or a demo reel to share with us that you would think aligns best with the new content IDTV will be putting out over the next few months!

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